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The official Drivers handbook

Use this online book to study for your G1 driver’s licence, test your knowledge, and prepare for your Level 2 road test.


  • Learn how to get around on your bike and find out how we’re making it easier for you to cycle

  • Mississauga has many cycling routes and trails to explore.  Here is a map for all the routes throughout the city.

  • If you are single, it might be an economic choice to cycle yourself everywhere.

Driver's license

Drivers' Test is the center where you do all your driving tests, whether the written or the road tests.

Presto card discount

Mississauga resident earning an income below the Low Income Measure (LIM) threshold, you may be eligible for the Affordable Transit Program (ATP). This program provides a 50% discount on PRESTO MiWay Adult or Senior Monthly Passes.

Discount programs are also available for GO Transit and Brampton Transit.

This program is a partnership between MiWay and the Region of Peel.

Transportation Guide
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