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MSCCA offices

The association is made up of 5 main offices

Youth Development Office

Social and Cultural Office

Development Office




Youth Development

Welcome to the Youth Development Office at MSCCA. We are dedicated to supporting and empowering the youth of our community through a variety of programs and initiatives. Our goal is to help young people succeed and reach their full potential.


Social and Cultural

The MSCCA's social and cultural office focuses on preserving and promoting Sudanese culture. This includes organizing events such as festivals and workshops and seasonal events for the Sudanese community. The office's ultimate goal is to foster a sense of belonging and connection among Sudanese community members and to share their cultural traditions with the broader community.

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Professional Development

The MSCCA's Professional Development Office exists to help Sudanese professionals start, maintain, and grow their careers in Canada. Through networking, skill-building seminars, and providing information and resources, we hope to strengthen our community’s workforce.


The Newcomers Office’s mission is to ease newcomers’ transition into all aspects of Canadian life. This office provides resources for employment, education, health, buying and renting real estate, financial assistance, and transportation through this website and information sessions.

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The Sports Office’s mission is to create a variety of fun sports programs and activities tailored to the needs and interests of the community.

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