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Legal Services Guide

Many people find legal matters intimidating, especially those who are newcomers to Canada/Ontario. The following resources provide details about the legal services available in Ontario, and how to access them. A wide range of topics are covered here, such as Legal Aid and Community Clinics, Lawyers and Other Legal Help, Human Rights, Courts, and Police.

· Settlement is the official newcomers website and is funded by Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada

· Information on the website is provided in many languages, including Arabic

· The website lists various links for legal services for newcomers, basic information about the Canadian legal system, and information on finding the right lawyer and their costs

· Users can find a directory of Community Legal Clinics which offer low-cost or free legal services and information

· Users can also apply for the Legal Aid Ontario (LAO) program:

  • The program provides legal aid for low-income people.

  • Their legal aid certificates are valid for 3 months.

  • The program has a free “simultaneous” translation system in over 120 languages.

  • Applicants must have all necessary legal documents pertaining to issue before applying.

  • Emergency situations get priority. 

  • Clients can apply through

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