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Housing guide

· Settlement is the official newcomers website and is funded by Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada.

· Information on website provided in many languages, including Arabic.

· The website contains a variety of information regarding renting and buying in Ontario, owner and renter responsibilities, maintaining a home, subsidized housing, home safety, and homes for seniors.

· Users get an in-depth look at the cost of maintaining a house depending on location, family size and housing type.

· Newcomers can apply to live in a housing co-operative, which have no “tenants and landlords. Instead, by living in a co-op you become a member and share voting rights with all residents, as well as, the responsibility of managing the building.”

· The government offers 4 different types of co-ops: 

  • Student co-ops.

  • Women co-ops.

  • Senior co-ops.

  • Artist co-ops.

· Eligibility criteria for co-ops can be found on the website.


  • Arrive is a venture by Royal Bank of Canada (RBC) serving all the needs of Canadian newcomers.

  • Website has a variety of articles and resources on buying and renting in Canada.

  • Many tips for the search and budgeting are also available.

  • Users are able to speak to an expert one on one.

Black North

  • Black North is an organization dedicated to assisting black families in career building, home ownership, and financial development.

  • Through their BlackNorth Initiative (BNI) Homeownership Bridging program they help black families with citizenship or PR status find affordable homes.

  • The program requires no down payment and presents two mortgage models:

  1. The first mortgage is supplied by a conventional lender, such as a bank or credit union and is provided at market interest rates.

  2. The second silent mortgage is provided by BNI Homeownership Bridge Program and its partners and is the difference between the purchase price of the home and the first mortgage. Families will begin paying this second mortgage after the first mortgage is paid in full.

  • Application requirements and process available through link.

Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation

· Canada Mortgage & Housing Corporation is an organization dedicated making housing available to Canadian residents.

· Information on site available in English and Arabic

· They take users through how to take advantage of Shared-equity mortgages

· General information on renting and buying is available

· Show users information on how to manage a mortgage through

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