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Financial Assistance Guide

To find out what is considered Low-income, view the classifications here

Peel Region

  • Peel region covers areas of Mississauga, Brampton and the town of Caledon

  • Their website directs users to information on house subsidy, help with renting, utilities, and mortgage bills, help paying the cost of a basic funeral

  • Users can also apply for a discounted monthly bus pass. Information, eligibility and how to apply on website

The official website for the province of Ontario.

· The government of Ontario offers financial support for families with status through several programs

· The Ontario Works program:

  • Ontario Works is a government program offering support for low-income families

  • Program provides financial support in the form of monthly payments, health-related support, and help with working and earning

  • Eligibility guidelines for program available on website along with information on how to apply and what documents are needed for application

· The Ontario Disability Support Program (ODSP):

  • Program offers financial support for persons with disabilities

  • Support is provided for provided for individuals with disabilities and families taking care of individuals with disabilities

  • Program can cover basic needs, shelter, health benefits, work, and costs for Long-Term Care facilities

  • Information on website for eligibility and how to apply.

· Ontario Drug Benefit (ODB):

  • Program covers some medication costs for low-income persons over 65 years of age

  • Patients can get help paying for allergy medication, tools for monitoring diabetes, prescribed over-the-counter drugs, nutrition products, HIV/AIDS medication, drugs used in palliative care, and help to quit smoking

  • Information, eligibility and how to apply on website

· Assistive Devices Program (ADP):

  • Program created to help patients living with long-term disabilities (6 months or longer) pay for customized equipment and maintenance

  • Equipment supported includes mobility aids, hearing and communication aids, visual aids, diabetic supplies, respiratory equipment, prosthetics, orthotic braces, and enteral-feeding pumps, and ostomy supplies

  • Information, eligibility and how to apply on website

· Temporary Care Assistance (TCA):

  • Program provides support for children in financial need while in the temporary care of an adult who does not have a legal obligation to support the child

  • Information, eligibility and how to apply on website

· Ontario Child Benefit:

  • The program offers help to low-income and moderate-income families with children under the age of 18 in the form of monthly payments.

  • Applicants who get approved will have the Canadian Revenue Agency (CRA) determine their payments which can be up to $1509 per child.

  • Applicants must first apply for the Canada Child Benefit (CCB), which is also administered by the CRA as tax-free monthly payments and might also include disability benefit.

  • nformation, eligibility and how to apply on the Canadian government website:

· The Ontario Government website also displays information on tax credits and benefits for low-income workers, home-owners, shifting careers, seniors using public transit, vacationing in Canada, dental work for low-income families, job-training expenses and much more

ISNA Canada

  • Islamic Society of North America is the biggest Muslim organization in North America and offers many services

  • ISNA offers a food bank

· The official Canadian government website

· Website features information about tax obligations, credits, and benefits

· Lists for non-for-profit organizations also displayed on website

· Resettlement Assistance Program (RAP):

  • Governmental assistance available for One Year Window (OYW) newcomers

  • Guidelines for eligibility, application, and process steps listed on the website

  • Support can last up to 12 months

  • Support can last up to 24 months if client is classified as a special needs client and is selected under the Joint Assistance Support Program

  • Refugees can receive RAP within 6 weeks of arrival

  • Special allowances can be given under the program, including school start-up, maternity allowance, and new born allowance

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