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English Language Learning

Many universities, colleges, and some employers, require immigrants and refugees to have some form of an English language learning certificate. Either the International English Language Testing System (IELTS) or the Test Of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) are accepted, but research shows IELTS is preferred.


  • The YMCA is one of the biggest community-based organizations in North America and has many locations all over the continent providing a variety of services.

  • They offer assistance in over 60 languages.

  • They have one of the biggest government-funded language assessment and referral centres, and link clients to local language classes, support services (eg. child care services and transportation), and government funded language programs.

  • Government-funded language programs included in the Coordinated Language Assessment and Referral System:

  • ESL/FSL - English/French as a Second Language

  • LINC - Language Instruction for Newcomers to Canada

  • BTW - Bridge to Work Programs/Placements

  • ELT - Enhanced Language Training (higher-level language training)

  • OSLT - Occupation-Specific Language Training

  • The official Canadian government website.

  • The Canadian government offers many language training options through its Settlement Program.

  • Language training options include formal, job-related, and informal language training.

  • Service is offered at no cost to refugees, immigrants, and citizens.

  • The Settlement Program provides these services through several different organizations.

  • Flexible classes can be found to accommodate anyone’s schedule; online, in-class, full-time, part-time, day, evening, and weekends.

  • The training provided also takes many forms including conversation circles, community events, drop-in workshops, and discussion groups, for a fuller learning experience.

Newcomer Centre of Peel

  • Newcomer Centre of Peel is a “multi-service” agency serving the needs of Canadian newcomers.

  • NCP has a range of services helping immigrants and refugees 18 years of age and above.

  • English learning classes run from Monday to Friday.

  • They also offer a workplace communication course for job seekers, and an early childhood education assistant for younger immigrants.

  • An essential assessment test needs to be taken to place learners accurately.


  • ETS is the most important website for all things TOEFL. Users can find courses, practice test, guide books, and exam scores.

  • Two types of exams are offered by TOEFL; TOEFL Essentials, and TOEFL iBT.

  • TOEFL Essentials is described as “a friendly test format has short, engaging tasks that relate to both academic situations and everyday life.”

  • TOEFL iBT is “the only test that measures all four academic English skills — reading, listening, speaking and writing — the way they are actually used in a classroom.”

  • TOEFL has also launched an app, ‘TOEFL Go’, which includes all the materials mentioned above, including tips for exam preparation, and is more easily accessible.

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