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Learning & Intellecutal Disabilities Guide

Deen Support Services

· Deen Support Services is a charity organization created by Muslims for support persons with disabilities

· Their Day Program supports youth and adults with mental disabilities through affordable, culturally, and spiritually responsible programing designed to target their functional skills

· Drop-in Programming is a club house hosted on Sundays at Muneeba Centre in Mississauga, offering clients the opportunity to participate in a variety of inclusive recreational activities

· The DEEN Caregiver Network is a support group for families and caregivers of individuals with disabilities

· The DEEN Peer Network connects people with disabilities to each other to share knowledge, experiences, and expertise

· The DEEN Vision Network is a community of blind and partially sighted individuals offering support and the opportunity to share experiences

Community Living Mississauga

· Community Living Mississauga (CLM) is a non-profit organization providing support for people with intellectual disabilities.

· Residential Support:

  • CLM has 27 residential support locations across Mississauga housing 4 individuals each. Occupants receive round the clock assistance designed to maximize clients’ community involvement.

  • Clients wanting more independent arrangement can get support through CLM Supported Independent Living (SIL) program, which awards the clients the opportunity to work and participate in other day activities while receiving a few hours of residential support in the evenings.

  • Their Family Home Program sets up families or individuals to share their homes and support a client with intellectual disabilities.

  • If clients require additional support due to hospitalization or health concerns, additional support hours can be purchased.

· Day Supports:

  • Through several Community Base Sites, CLM provides spaces for persons with intellectual disabilities the opportunity to socialize using recreational, social and leisure day activities.

  • The Links Program is designed to maximize clients’ independence and community engagement by participating in community activities.

  • CLM-created Career Connection is a career bridging program for people with intellectual disabilities.

  • Community on Campus, taking place at University of Toronto (Mississauga), is an opportunity for clients aged 21-30 to participate in on campus activities including auditing classes, enhancing literacy skills, volunteering, and developing computer skills.

· Social/Recreational Programs:

  • The Community Engagement Resource Initiative partners clients in groups of 3 to participate in different weekly activities.

· Child & Youth Programs:

  •  Early Childhood Education Resource Services facilitate the incorporation of children with developmental disorders into licensed community childcare programs.

  • The March Break Teen Activity Program offers recreational programs for youth ages 13-21 living with intellectual disabilities.

  • The Summer Teen Activity Program is also designed for youth ages 13-21 with intellectual disabilities and allows participants to engage in a variety of recreational activities throughout the summer.

  • The Children’s Summer Support Program provides one-to-one support to children ages 4-12 in a summer camp format.

  • The Weekend Respite Programs provide recreational opportunities for teens with an intellectual disability.

· Community Supports:

  • Service Coordination is provided to individuals and families by connecting them to community support and resources.

  • CLM offers a variety of information sessions through the year for people with intellectual disabilities and their families.

  • Parent/Family Support Groups are regularly hosted by CLM to share information and connect.

  • Planning Services at CLM assists clients with setting life goals, developing strategies, and setting timelines to accomplish life goals.

  • Sibling Workshops are readily available for children ages 6-12 who have siblings diagnosed with intellectual disorders or autism.

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