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Donate for Sudan Crisis

List of organizations` campaigns that support people in Sudan during this humanitarian  crisis.


Sadagaat-Canada is asking for your generous support to offer the affected population food, water, medications, and medical supplies through its emergency response program.

Your donation will help us to provide life-saving aid to the people of Sudan who are in desperate need.  Please donate today to help us make a difference.


 Donations can be paid through our website.

 (You will receive a Tax Receipt momentarily by email)


** Please note, our partner in Sudan (Sadagaat-Sudan) operation is on hold due to the situation over there.  We will send the collected amounts as soon as they resume their operations when it is safe for Sadagaat's employees and volunteers to start working on the ground


Sudanese–Canadian Communities Association



We are collecting urgent donations to support our loved ones and provide humanitarian aid and basic needs such as food, water, clothes and medication.


SCCA campaign to support Sudanese civilians trapped at the Argeen boarder.

E-transfer :

or through our website.


University of Toronto Sudanese Students Union

Warm greetings from the Sudanese Students Union at the University of Toronto. In light of the recent devastating violence in Sudan, we have started a fundraiser in partnership with the Sudanese Doctors Union of Canada. 


All proceeds collected will be used for emergency medical relief to support civilians caught in the violence.  Your contribution will provide essential resources to those affected by the crises and aid in the delivery of life-saving care. Every donation counts in making a meaningful difference in the lives of innocent civilians impacted. 


Islamic Relief Canada

Islamic Relief is urgently calling for an immediate ceasefire and for both sides to ensure that civilians and humanitarian workers are protected from violence, and that humanitarian agencies can safely access people in need.

Islamic Relief has worked in Sudan for nearly 40 years, and remains by the sides of families caught up in the violence. Our teams are closely monitoring the situation and gearing up to support hospitals and provide essential aid such as food as soon as the volatile situation allows.

Please support our life-saving work.

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